Cold sweating, throat drying and innumerable pictures are running through my mind, then all of a sudden out of those pictures one picture grabs my attention for a while and it feels like as if in those moments, time slows down for a while, soon this hypothetical time lapse of mine ends up and I notice that it’s pure, pure silence that is now left, right behind, which makes me feel as if right now everyone else is resting in peace too for a while, you may mistake it for peace but to me, it seems much more like the silence which surrounds us after the end of a war ie no chaos left at all, whatever it is, this silence, it really makes me go deep into my thoughts, where I manage to end up leaping into a soothing memory of mine. Maybe, jusy maybe it’s the same memory a picture of which grabbed my attention in the beginning of this story for a while,
What is it? What’s so special in this memory of mine?
Well I guess this memory is projecting the most cherished moments that I lived in my life, these are the moments in which I always wanted to be in for the eternity, these are, the memories of my childhood days, the days when I had no past as I hadn’t lived any nor was I big enough to care to worry about my future days, it was the time when I really used to live ie it was the time when I really used to be, in my present.
So that’s the message that this story wants me to deliver to you all ie, LIVE IN PRESENT.
By: Neeraj Kumar, GGSIPU 

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