A Handshake : Poem

Carrying a spark of joy at my face,

smiling through my eyes, I came to you along with a warm handshake, from my side,

But then, I wondered why your hand didn’t come up with the same pace as that of mine?

Were you freeze at that moment?

Most probably, by the shock of seeing me again?

Were you?

Or Were you quite busy on your own, at that time?

A moment later you too came along,

But again, there was something that was actually wrong,

What was it?

Was it freezing outside?

Cause, your hand did feel quite cold and light, when it came in touch with that of mine,

And the pressure I felt, at my hand, was too all mine,

Soon your hand slipped away from that of mine,

And I felt as if the shield on which I had a hold on slipped away from my wrists in front of my eyes,

You left me there, Didn’t you?

Unarmed again,

By the way, I just wanna know, was there any fault too that was actually mine?

Name:Neeraj Kumar, NIEC

University: GGSIPU 

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