A Sweet Memory : Poem

I close my eyes and when I open those, I see myself in a new place,

Cold winds blowing and ground covered with snow everywhere,

Guess where am I?]


I am, on a mountain where, I find a tree,

I go and sit at the bottom of it on the snow covered ground,

As I look towards the sky, which is now not so high, I notice, a slight music playing in my ears all the time,

Here I am, alone, still it feels as if there is someone who is caring for me all the time,

Any guesses, whom am I talking about?


They are my world,

My family members,

My wife, My daughter, My sister, My brother, My mother,

And yes especially my daughter, who’s sweet memory of playing flute for me, keeps playing in my ears all the time,

When I am here, on border, that is LOC for serving my nation.

Name: Neeraj Kumar, GGSIPU

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