Defination of love

DHADAK (MOVIE REVIEW) IT’s just a usual movie we in daily lives better compared to boring and gissi pitti daily soaps.Well this is just a typical love story with 70s 80s 90s masala touch. I find no point in the remake of the marathi hit’Sairat’. Those who have watched ‘Sairaat already knows the story ,then […]


#RAGE Just like a spear thrown in air By a cold blooded brute, Just like the pointed tip of it, Which pierces through come whatever may Just like a supercar whose engine Is roaring to begin it’s race Just like the way the crazy beats of the electronic dance music drops Just like a movie […]


I knew the truth, I knew it all Was listening to you, though I knew it all Call me wise or not at all, Well, It doesn’t matter cause I knew it all. The more you get confused, the more soothed I am, The reason being simple that I knew it all, I like the […]


“I miss ‘our humour’  I miss laughing with you.  More than that- I miss laughing because of you, I miss that out-of-control tears-in-eyes, childlike laughter that only you gave me. I miss that happiness, that vibrancy,that energy. That feeling you would fill me with that’s hard to explain – but it felt like sunshine. I […]


Peeping out from the plain glass window pane of a locked room, Viewing the alluring sceneries of the outside world, How does that feel? Amazing no? Cause, Now you are not required to go anywhere, Rather now, you are just supposed to wait and watch, as the outside world blossoms in front of your eyes. […]


LET IT GO Ever felt apparently as if a nail has stuck inside of your head? By the way, It’s Half Stuck to be precise, It’s just there, It tempts you to pull it out. To scratch it, To feel that vulnerable skin one more time. But despite all this apparently you choose to let […]


HUMBLE WICKEDNESS Magenta it is, The colour of your soul in my view. Seems like as if it’s the result of a purple venom which might by mistake have got mixed with the red blood flowing in your veins. Or is it because of the circulation of the red hot blood to the ice cool […]

11 Things to learn from movie ‘Sanju’.

Today I watched ‘Sanju’ movie. Firstly I thought it to be a normal movie but there are many things to learn from it. I have heard almost 3 in 5 people who are saying that why a movie is based on personal experiences of an actor, it could have been based on a scientist, politician, […]

Dogs-Man’s best freinds

I had a friend , a friend forever . We promised a thing , that our bond will break never . I was grateful and extremely happy . I prayed to almighty , that we will never be apart ever . He was not only a dog , but a faithful companion. Now he is […]

Leap of Faith

LEAP OF FAITH Why there is so Awkwardness? Why there is so Distrust? Why there is no Bonding? Why there is no Trust? Is this all, an outcome of a character flaw which dwells in both of us? Is this? Which is not letting both of us to open up to each other? Or Is […]