I knew the truth, I knew it all Was listening to you, though I knew it all Call me wise or not at all, Well, It doesn’t matter cause I knew it all. The more you get confused, the more soothed I am, The reason being simple that I knew it all, I like the […]


“I miss ‘our humour’  I miss laughing with you.  More than that- I miss laughing because of you, I miss that out-of-control tears-in-eyes, childlike laughter that only you gave me. I miss that happiness, that vibrancy,that energy. That feeling you would fill me with that’s hard to explain – but it felt like sunshine. I […]


Peeping out from the plain glass window pane of a locked room, Viewing the alluring sceneries of the outside world, How does that feel? Amazing no? Cause, Now you are not required to go anywhere, Rather now, you are just supposed to wait and watch, as the outside world blossoms in front of your eyes. […]


LET IT GO Ever felt apparently as if a nail has stuck inside of your head? By the way, It’s Half Stuck to be precise, It’s just there, It tempts you to pull it out. To scratch it, To feel that vulnerable skin one more time. But despite all this apparently you choose to let […]

Dogs-Man’s best freinds

I had a friend , a friend forever . We promised a thing , that our bond will break never . I was grateful and extremely happy . I prayed to almighty , that we will never be apart ever . He was not only a dog , but a faithful companion. Now he is […]

Leap of Faith

LEAP OF FAITH Why there is so Awkwardness? Why there is so Distrust? Why there is no Bonding? Why there is no Trust? Is this all, an outcome of a character flaw which dwells in both of us? Is this? Which is not letting both of us to open up to each other? Or Is […]


“Friendship” The name you gave to our relation. But I kept loving you ,  Kept giving you the love you needed,                                                                      […]


Lost is the girl With her lonely smile… Waiting for her prince charming Apart a thousand miles.   He stole her heart When she was a kiddiewinks .   Born to love him All of her life … Waiting for his return With no grief or strife!   BY: Sonal, BFIT Group of institutions Dehradun.

Remembering Childhood

Those were the days; damn hard we used to play. As the swing went round and round, I remembered how easily we faced ups and downs. Full of foolishness we all were happy, and deep inside somewhat proud. I remembered those ships, which on a rainy day did beautiful trips. Those chit chats between class, […]


बड़े अनमोल होते है ; ये रिश्ते बड़े नाज़ुक होते है ; ये रिश्ते   धागो की तरह लिपटे होते है ये रिश्ते खिसक जाए अगर कोई धागा तो बिखर जाते है ये रिश्ते    सच्चाई से सीचो अगर इन रिश्तों को तो लंबे चलते है ये रिश्ते झूठ फरेब अगर आय तो टूट जाते […]