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Loosen it up a bit, clear your mind and get back on the track again, cause if the rope is there, you can still have a hold on it, a bit later sometime, but even for once, if you ever cut it off straight, no matter how hard you try, you would never ever be […]


“Friendship” The name you gave to our relation. But I kept loving you ,  Kept giving you the love you needed,                                                                      […]


Lost is the girl With her lonely smile… Waiting for her prince charming Apart a thousand miles.   He stole her heart When she was a kiddiewinks .   Born to love him All of her life … Waiting for his return With no grief or strife!   BY: Sonal, BFIT Group of institutions Dehradun.

shayari : Lines that touches your Heart.

दिल में किसी के पनाह क़िस्मत वालों को मिलती है , यूँही हर किसी को ज़न्नत का पता नहीं होता। जब वो मुझसे हस कर यूँही बात कर लेती है, मैं उसे इश्क़ मान लेता हूँ बताईए ना ज़नाब? क्या सिर्फ जिस्मों का मिलना ही इश्क़ है . मुक़म्मल इश्क़ ये मेरा कल भी था […]

Remembering Childhood

Those were the days; damn hard we used to play. As the swing went round and round, I remembered how easily we faced ups and downs. Full of foolishness we all were happy, and deep inside somewhat proud. I remembered those ships, which on a rainy day did beautiful trips. Those chit chats between class, […]


CHILD ABUSE I came into this world with a vision to pursue, Playful, delighted I had bigger things to pursue, But, so ignorant I was, so way too innocent I was, I used to believe demons existed only in fairy tails. No? And this whole seemingly apparent beautiful wicked world is all nice and sweet. […]


बड़े अनमोल होते है ; ये रिश्ते बड़े नाज़ुक होते है ; ये रिश्ते   धागो की तरह लिपटे होते है ये रिश्ते खिसक जाए अगर कोई धागा तो बिखर जाते है ये रिश्ते    सच्चाई से सीचो अगर इन रिश्तों को तो लंबे चलते है ये रिश्ते झूठ फरेब अगर आय तो टूट जाते […]


Smart answer by a female passenger on a flight… A guy asked a beautiful lady sitting next to him.. ‘Nice perfume…..which one is it?… I want to give it to my wife..!!’ Lady: ‘Don’t give her….some idiot will find an excuse to talk to her..!!’   A letter from a teacher to a parent: Dear Parent, […]


Cold sweating, throat drying and innumerable pictures are running through my mind, then all of a sudden out of those pictures one picture grabs my attention for a while and it feels like as if in those moments, time slows down for a while, soon this hypothetical time lapse of mine ends up and I […]