Poem: Things have changed!

Look at the sky it is still blue,
Look at the florets they still bloom
But look at her she’s not the same!
Bruises, sorrow and pain,
Things have changed things have changed!
That incident shook her for life!
When she was raped she cried, cried and cried,
May be for her, now the life is futile,
Living in the wicked world is not worthwhile,
Her groan shoed how much she tried!
But she failed to escape,
Things have changed, Things have changed!
A girl full of joviality now craved for tomb,
Society ignored her sidelong,
Nobody was there to come along!
Now the dilemma was to live or die,
The young woman choose to desist the life
You worship durga, you wrangle over feminine!
Still you brushed her aside
Nobody asked about her pain,
Things have changed, Things have changed!
She took the blade and Slit the veins,
Every single drop of blood had it’s own grueling!
The girl who agonized is now no more!
She was lying numb on the floor!
She slitted the veins twice and thrice,
Was happy with her own demise!
Finally with her perish she got relief,
People cried in her grief!
Everybody’s ​tears flowed in bewail
Finally they realized her travail!
Dear people it’s too late!
She’s standing on the next world’s gate,
The young lass will never come again!
Things have changed, Things have changed!
                                                                                                                                                                                             By – Rakshita Choudhary                                                                                                                                                 

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